Expatriate Integration

Your most difficult challenge as a newcomer is to adapt to a new environment in which culture and patterns of behaviour are very likely different from what you are used to.

Our aim is to make you gain valuable cross-cultural understanding and experience and to help you and your family thrive in everyday life as rapidly and comfortably as possible. We fill the need for finding the right schools, language classes, sports clubs, and introducing you to local shopping and transportation. Additionally, we create a bridge of understanding between your home and host cultures.

Trailing partners have a huge influence on the success of expatriation for the entire family. We offer personalized “settling in” coaching specifically to keep up the spirits, energy, and career continuity of “the other half”.

The administration associated with expatriation can be utterly overwhelming; we will not let you drown in paperwork, but act as your personal back office to support you and your family in all the compulsory form-filling related to your arrival in your new city. All the essential formalities to register with the municipality, organize permissions, insurance, and service connections are handled efficiently and painlessly. Of course, ILM also handles special situations as needed.