The ILM Concept

‚ÄčInnovative Lifestyle Management provides tailor-made services to private individuals and business people to streamline the experience of moving to, living or investing in Luxembourg.

We provide efficient and discreet coordination between you and our network of trusted suppliers to establish or expand the services you require, whether closely or remotely related to your new start in the cities we serve. As your single point of contact with service providers, we enable you to save valuable time and focus on your personal and professional

ILM services accelerate integration for newcomers into the local social, cultural and professional environments. Established residents enjoy an enhanced experience of life by finding and deepening the right connections in their city of residence.

Our offering includes property hunting, seeking out just-right real estate investments, supporting the establishment of small businesses, organizing your paperwork, helping you create your social and/or professional networks, finding appealing activities that fit your lifestyle, organizing events, assisting your trailing partner to adjust, and many other bespoke services.